About MOM

Mothers of Montgomery (MOM) is a new and growing group of moms from Montgomery and Lake Conroe areas. We have started this group for stay-at-home moms and for our working moms to get together for fun activities with and without their children. We want to meet up for play dates, pool time, parks, shopping, stroller workouts, lunches, movies, story time, family events, ladies night out, and much, much more. 

Each month we will strive to have two play dates, one family event, and one ladies night out! By having weekdays, weekends, and evening activities we will accommodate both our stay-at-home and working moms. We have mom's with new babies, Pre-k kids, and school age children. So join us for ladies night out and family events, even if you have older children!

Join our  group at ... www.meetup.com/mothersofmontgomery