Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are Coming to the End of October!

Hello Moms:)

We have had such a successful couple of months with the start up of Mothers of Montgomery! I hope you have had the chance to check out the newest events on the Meetup Calendar including our newest classes: Bow Making & Momma's Coupon Class! These upcoming events will be a lot fun! We have also added the Houston Zoo and the Houston Childrens Museum to the month of November:)

If you haven't checked out our Community Event Calendar on the Blog, you need to! There are some great family events going on in our community. If you see something that you really would like to go to, let us know and we may be able to make it a planned event for Mothers of Montgomery!

Here are a few things going on in the community in November:

Tues. 11/2/10- Election Day!

Thurs. 11/4/10- Ranch Activities at the Oil Ranch

Fri. 11/5/10- Park Day! Lunch with an astronaut @SpaceCenter Houston

Sat. 11/6/10- HUGE Garage Sale at Montgomery County Fair Grounds

Sun. 11/7/10- Daylight Saving Time Ends/Fall back time change:)

Mon. 11/8/10- Playdate!

Tues. 11/9/10- Momma's Coupon Class

Wed. 11/10/10- Disney on Ice & Cirque Du Soileil

Thurs. 11/11/10- Sunday 11/14/10- Nutcracker Market

Saturday 11/12/10- HUGE community wide garage sale in Conroe

Please be sure to get the community event details on the blog calendar!


This Sunday for Halloween, we will be having a family event and it's not too late to RSVP! Go on Meetup to do so!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Hope to see you there:)

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Hey Ladies,

As you all must know... October is a very busy month..I guess because it's the beginning of the holidays! Just wanted to let you know that I updated our community event calendar on this here blog page (please click the calendar tab above) and there will be more events added soon..there are just so many! If I did not mention an event, but you would like everyone to know about one, please let me know!

We are so excited about our Mothers of Montgomery group growing but please note that there have been some slight changes to our play dates since they are so large. We are now seperating the play dates to two separate locations BUT they will still be on the same day! The groups will be toddlers and 0-crawling/or walking. Of course if you have 2 children in two different age groups, you will have to choose which one works best for you.

Another thing I would like to remind everyone, I try my best to make sure our Blog Calendar matches our Mothers of Montgomery Meetup Calendar so it is easier for you to make plans for your family's events, but please remember, the Meetup Calendar will always be the most reliable for our Groups Events :)

We are also looking for people to host at home playdates, if you are interested please go on Meetup and contact our Social Director, Beth Panter.

I also want to take this time to welcome all the new members who have joined our group recently. WELCOME:) We are so glad you are part of our group and we hope to meet you soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Don't forget to RSVP and get the details on the Meetup website for our next event which is Saturday at 7 Acre Woods!

-Melissa McDaniel